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An artist choice tattoo is a unique opportunity for a custom tattoo that is also a collaboration between you and Jordanne! Give her 5 subjects/items you’re interested in (coffee, potion bottles, roses, gems, Sailor Moon, rainbows, unicorn, mermaid, tarot cards, etc.) and Jordanne will use these to create a custom design for you! It may focus on one subject or be a combination of any number of them.

This kind of design involves a lot of trust because no revisions can be made to the design. If you follow her work and love everything she does, you can be sure she’ll create something amazing for you!

Be specific with your subjects if you want something specific (peony flowers instead of flowers), and avoid abstract ideas (peace, love, etc.).

These are the only appointments Jordanne is currently accepting. Fill out the form below if you’re interested in an artist choice tattoo!

If you have questions, check out the FAQ page.

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