Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Do I Have to Be to Get Tattooed?

Minnesota state law requires anyone getting a tattoo must be at least 18 years of age, even if you have a parent’s consent.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Go to the Consult page and fill out the consultation form for an Artist’s Choice Tattoo. Jordanne will review the form and create a tattoo based on your ideas.

Deposits go towards the full cost of your tattoo ($200 deposit for a half day, $500 deposit for a full day). Deposits are nonrefundable if you cancel your appointment within 2 weeks of that date, or reschedule your appointment within 72 hours.

When Can I See My Artwork?

You will see your artwork when you come to your appointment.

What Forms of ID Are Accepted?

  • A valid State drivers license or identification card
  • A valid military identification card that has a photo and date of birth
  • A valid passport
  • A green card
  • A school identification card containing a photo and date of birth
  • A tribal identification card containing a photo and date of birth

Are Walk-Ins Welcome?

Jordanne Le Fae is currently booked out for many weeks. Walk-ins are available at Weird Ink Society on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (Tattuesday) with participating artists.

How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

Every tattoo is different and will be priced out individually. Half-day sessions are $800. Full-day sessions are $2000. Travel session rates may vary.