Love yourself, Harry!

Hello Fae-ries!

Today’s entry is for all you nerds out there! I almost didn’t get time to write this entry today because instead of going into work early like I normally do on Tuesdays… I went on a 3 mile walk looking for Harry Potter creatures. That’s right, I’ve become one of “those” people. I gotta say… I love it! Video games have always been one of the quintessential “nerdy” things that I never really got into (Super Mario Bros doesn’t count) but I am finding myself really getting into this one!

The reason I am writing about it now is that I have found myself sheepishly telling people about my new addiction and feeling slightly bad for not going into work early because I was “just playing a game.” But the more I think about it… WHO CARES! I literally can’t think of anything that has motivated me to go on so many walks since I downloaded this game, and its just good-natured fun! I preach so much that I love the weird quirks of my friends and that everyone should let their freak flag fly… but I have a such a hard time practicing what I preach sometimes, its weird conundrum. So even though today’s entry is a short and sweet one, I want to use it to encourage ya’ll (and myself) to love the things you love unabashedly… because in the end, if it makes you happy, doesn’t hurt others, and (in my case) helps you get out and get moving, then its a good thing!

Today’s weird quote is actually about this same video game topic… “I don’t remember saving in this location, where am I?” All you gamers out there get it.

Go be weird and love it! Love, Jordanne

PS. This song just seemed appropriate. White and Nerdy by Weird Al.