The Man, the Music, the Husband

Hello Fae-ries!

Strap in, we are about to get SO mushy. I sat down this morning, feeling more tired than I have in the past week for no particular reason and not particularly inspired to write today. But, when you set a goal (like writing every Tuesday) you don’t just not do it because you aren’t inspired… you find the inspiration and DO IT ANYWAY. I originally sat down to write about Pride and love in all its forms. This is a VERY important topic but as I got two paragraphs into it I realized that it sounded so forced and my heart just wasn’t ready to write that topic. So I did what I always do when I struggle with something and need just a little push… and I texted my husband for a nudge. He responded lightning quick and reminded me that we got to see the amazing stage show by Hugh Jackman this weekend, which was a Christmas gift from the hubby. Now, this show was AMAZING. We laughed, We cried, We sang along loudly with everyone else… but I didn’t know how to write a whole inspirational blog about it. So I responded with a whiny text that I didn’t know if I was feeling that topic either… and his response was so unabashedly perfect. “It doesn’t have to be more than a couple paragraphs. Babe, trust yourself.” he replied. Great. Now I’m tearing up in Glam Doll Donuts. Isn’t he amazing?!

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Hugh Jackman has a stage show called, “The Man, The Music, the Show!” and it was a weird whirlwind of a performance featuring songs from The Greatest Showman, Les Mis, Beauty and the Beast (if you weren’t aware, his first big gig was playing Gaston on Broadway, shortly before his role ins Wolverine started), and so much more. At one point he came out dressed and acting like Peter Allen (Liza Minnelli’s husband and renowned musician/performer, who is also from Australia) and sang many of his songs. He also had aboriginal music performed by Australian natives, complete with didgeridoo and chanting. Oh, and he plays piano, and tap dances, and a huge example to wholesome masculinity. If you see his show coming to an area near you, get tickets. It’s SO worth it.

Now, seeing that show only solidified for me what an amazing human Hugh Jackman is… and that text from my husband is just another reminder of the love and support given to me by my husband. He does things daily that continue to amaze me with the “masculine barriers” he breaks down daily. He was the one to encourage me to try therapy again. His responses to my whining about my issues is never with hostility or humiliation… he never lets me get away with my pity party either though. Anytime I start in, hes there with encouraging solutions and positive speech. In fact, my family loves him so much that he is now the measuring stick against which all my cousins significant others are compared to! Now… hes not perfect, none of us are. But his support makes being a boss babe that much more fun! Nothing makes me happier than seeing men like my husband and Hugh Jackman and so many more going out and shattering the walls of what makes “men be men.”

… The quote of the week is kind of a crass one, but in the context of today’s blog, it works quite well. “A giant circle jerk doesn’t do anything except make a big sticky mess.” My friend Liz and I were talking about how like-minded people gravitate towards each other and it results in the way our nation is currently split. Minneapolis is a fairly liberal place, but liberals talking to more liberals about how to make the world better isn’t actually changing anything for the better. Same thing goes for where conservatives congregate. People talking to other people who have the same views as themselves isn’t going to bring the change and understanding we need in this world. That’s why men who represent wholesome masculinity are so important. They have the unique ability to continue to show other men by example how we can be anything we want in this world and do not have to fit into this box that is “Male” or “Female.” It’s also why we should seek out those who’s views we don’t agree with and try to learn another perspective… otherwise we are just left with a mess. So take a lesson from my hubby, go out and try to break down walls and be a source of good in this world. Goodness knows we need it.

Love, Jordanne

So, the song of the week is a 90s classic. Whatta Man by Salt N Pepa. If you ever wanna hear me karaoke rap, I got this one in the bag.