The primal need of music

Hello Fae-ries!

Let’s talk about rock and roll, baby. This last week I went to RockFest with my husband and a bunch of our friends. For those of you not in the know, RockFest is a 3 day rock/metal festival in Cadott, WI with live bands for over 12 hours a day in 4 different stages. Our group camps outside the festival grounds every year so it is days of music, drinking, dancing, camping, sunshine and this year… ROCKNADO. I took the picture above about 5 minutes before a massive storm hit us mid festival week. Everyone made it out safe (except for our canopy which ended up blowing away) and we continued to rock it out in the mud for the next few days! These few days of friends and music lead me to some interesting thoughts.

I was upfront for Asking Alexandria (here’s my song reccomendation: ) and I saw and felt all the energy of the people around me and coming from the band when it hit me. Through all the technological advances, through all the racism and hatred, though we may be billions instead of millions inhabiting this planet anymore… we all share the same primitive need for connection through music. Now heavy rock and roll may not be your thing, and crowded concerts and festivals might not appeal to you, but I would be hard pressed to believe that you have never connected with song on a soul deep level. Maybe you felt your heart soar while in church listening to the choir hit those resonating high notes. Maybe you were deep in a YouTube hole listening to new music in your favorite genre and stumbled across a song you never heard but still made you want to stand up and dance alone in your room. Maybe you just lost someone close to you and a song comes on the radio that sums up how you are feeling PERFECTLY so you proceed to cry and sing along as fiercely as your heart can. Maybe your phone was on shuffle and your favorite song by your favorite band came on and you just had to sing along loudly… even though you are at a stoplight and your windows are down and that guy in the car next to you is looking at you like you have two heads, but you just don’t care!

My point is, that music is truly the perfect bonder. I saw a guy wearing one of the most disgusting shirts ever this weekend, it said, “Find her, F* her, Forget her.” I nearly puked. I know I would never want to have any kind of interaction with someone as heinous as that, who thinks that is an ok shirt to wear?!!! However, I know it is entirely likely that him and I also share a similar experience of blaring Marilyn Manson in our rooms as teenagers, and we likely were both singing along emphatically during MM’s performance that weekend. The same song/band/genre can connect so many different people in so many ways, its awe inspiring. So, as always, I am going to encourage you to find a way to connect with the Universe and each other, this time through song. Talk with your loved ones and find out what their favorite songs are, it might help you understand each other better. And let me know what your favorite song is, I’d love to listen!!

Love, Jordanne