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The primal need of music

Hello Fae-ries! Let’s talk about rock and roll, baby. This last week I went to RockFest with my husband and a bunch of our friends. For those of you not in the know, RockFest is a 3 day rock/metal festival in Cadott, WI with live bands for over 12 hours a day in 4 different […]

Love yourself, Harry!

Hello Fae-ries! Today’s entry is for all you nerds out there! I almost didn’t get time to write this entry today because instead of going into work early like I normally do on Tuesdays… I went on a 3 mile walk looking for Harry Potter creatures. That’s right, I’ve become one of “those” people. I […]

Which part of the elephant is it?

Good (insert time of day) Fae-ries! (It’s 10am for me… and that’s still early in my book). Today I want to talk about purpose. So… here we go! I am an avid reader. Always have been… ask my mom, she was the one who had to take me to the library pretty much weekly as […]

The Man, the Music, the Husband

Hello Fae-ries! Strap in, we are about to get SO mushy. I sat down this morning, feeling more tired than I have in the past week for no particular reason and not particularly inspired to write today. But, when you set a goal (like writing every Tuesday) you don’t just not do it because you […]

Life is a reason, not an excuse

Hello Fae-ries! So……………….. today is RIDDLED with anxiety. I recently decided that Tuesday’s would be blog days to start out my week (tattoo artist weeks are sooo atypical) and since the anxiety is twitching its way through my veins I KNEW I needed to write about it. My anxieties are much more physical than they […]

Life is so awe-inspiring!

Congrats! You made it through the ramblings of my first ever blog! Your reward of course, is this, my second ever blog post! Lol! Today I want to talk about my experience in the West Coast. In Washington there is a rainforest within the Olympia National Park called the Hoh rainforest (and it’s pronounced like […]

Weird, oh so weird.

My life is weird. It’s beautiful, messy, fun, full of glitter and rainbows… but its also got some drama and trauma and cloudy days. But overall the best way to describe it is weird. I LOVE weird. So, I sit down to write this, my first ever blog, unsure if anyone will ever read it, […]